About the writer

I can remember going to baseball games as far back as 1983. I distinctly remember the Phillies’ 100 year anniversary logo and I just recently located a binder with that logo on it. Veterans Stadium was place where I was taken to experience all the magic of baseball. Baseball was something that was in my blood. In the 70’s, my mom was employed by the Phillies as a member of their “Hot Pants Patrol”. Google it. My dad grew up in the South Philly neighborhood that is now shadowed by the sports complex and often went to games at Shibe Park and later the Vet. I even have an uncle way up the tree, George Craig, who pitched for the Philadelphia Athletics.

My later childhood is filled with memories of being taken out of school for Opening Day, watching fights at the Vet, and a rain extended double header in 1991 where the intoxicated best of the region would use the rain tarp as their own slip n slide. The best game I ever went to was in 1993 when the Phillies clinched the National League Pennant. My dad was due to leave to go overseas for the Dept. of Defense and it was our last big game before he left.

Nowadays I’m the married father of a 6 month old and I’ve become quite the baseball expert and information junkie. In my circle of miscreants I’m the go to guy for baseball information and history. So I’ve decided to do some more with it and put everything on MLBlogs. For the past two years, I’ve also been writing for GameCasa.net , I video game site which connects casual video gamers together and presents numerous entertaining videos and podcasts. You might see some familiar faces among our talent staff so check us out there. So along with my writings on video games, I will be writing on baseball news and trends focusing on the Phillies, their minor league affiliates, and other related topics. Hopefully I can springboard this into a more established baseball writing gig. So stay tuned, I promise you’ll enjoy the musings here.


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