Time to change the calendar

We’re less than 100 hours from April. The month when baseball begins again and new life begins. You could say we’re already there with the Athletics and Mariners series taking place in Japan. Actually I don’t know what else you can say about that really. That trip has got to be taking it’s toll on the players and staffs of both teams.
For the Phillies, the 2012 season will begin with many things to talk about. We’ve pretty much beaten to death the sagas of Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. They Utley story has only gotten more bizarre after Ruben Amaro, Jr. called the beat reporters in to assure them that in no way was he trying to deceive them or did he try to hide the truth about Utley’s condition. Not lying is one thing. Being in denial and convincing yourself of something you know might not be 100% factual and then passing it off as truth is something else entirely.
Utley did not want his whereabouts known and that is understandable. I might not want a bunch or reporters waiting for me as I exited a doctor’s office either. But nobody even knew what kind of doctor he was seeing. It could have been anyone from top rated surgeon to voodoo priest. And with all these big contracts and the potential to add another one with Cole Hamels (see upcoming post), it’s reasonable to think that the Phillies front office is worried about the bandwagon fans jumping off and not buying tickets if they think a star player will be out for an extended period of time. Even now, the super hard to get opening day game can still be purchased as long as you buy two extra games. It wasn’t as easy last year.
So as soon as I can find the time to do the proper research and writing, I will be broaching the following subjects soon:
— The Colepacolypse
— Spring Training in review
— The World Baseball Classic 2013
— Who rules Philly Sports

And now to celebrate opening day, here’s something which has brought men to tears and made their women question their choice in men:


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