Phillies Single Game Tickets Now On Sale

Fans waiting in line to get access to their favorite nights

This morning at 8:30AM, the Phillies began to sell single game tickets for the 2012 season. The exceptions of course being opening day and the Red Sox series. Funny how a lot of us around here threw fits when the Nationals fans tried to exclude Phillies fans from buying tickets for their weekend series for the first week, but the Phillies have pretty much been doing the same thing for years buy making Sox fans either attempt to win the lottery or buy a six pack. The most anticipated games to sell out quickly are the bobblehead night games, this year featuring Cliff Lee and Hunter Pence. The Phillies have sold out every game at Citizens Bank Park for the past few seasons.
Fans began camping out at CBP as early as 3:30PM yesterday to get the first tickets from the Phillies box office. The upside to getting your tickets from the box office is that you avoid paying those service fees that come with ordering online that can add up to an extra $10 for pair of tickets to one game. The other group of people who take advantage of the CBP box office are those who get Phillies gift certificates from Santa.
Many fans who are not season ticket holders have been getting their tickets early buy buying six packs and three packs as well as taking advantage of the theme and group night promotions.
All hope is not lost for the online set though. Tickets went on sale through the Phillies website this morning as well.
“In just seven weeks the Phillies will be returning to Citizens Bank Park,” said John Weber, Phillies Vice President, Sales & Ticket Operations. “We look forward to welcoming back our fans for what is sure to be another exciting season.”
For the Phillies fans who went down to CBP, the Phillies have been showing off previews of some of the promotions for the coming season as well as offering 15-percent off certain items at the Majestic Clubhouse Store starting at 7 a.m. And in another show of class that seems to be exclusive to the Phillies, the team offered up a spread of breakfast foods and juices this morning. You can’t beat that.


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